Carnival Ice Eliquid by Wreckless Vape Company

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Carnival Ice is a mixed bag of sherbet, with an added low mint cooler. With each puff comes a different taste, see if you can pick them all out when you have a vape.



Carnival Ice Eliquid by Wreckless Vape Company

Carnival Ice Eliquid by Wreckless Vape Company is quite simply a mixed sherbet with a low mint cooler. The joy with such an interesting vape is each time you vape it tastes slightly different. You can pick out different sherbets each time you vape. Don’t believe us? Give it a go.


What are Wreckless Vape Company E-liquids?
Wreckless Vape Company, produce premium UK E-liquid, made from Pharmaceutical grade materials. Why are we unique ? What is so unique about us is that we source all materials within the UK from small independent businesses. These include our flavourings, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and labels.We do this because we believe is supporting small businesses within the united kingdom. If we help them grow their business, they will help us grow our own.
Where are we from?
Wreckless Vape Company are based in Manchester. Manchester is one of the United Kingdoms biggest hubs for E-liquid distribution and manufacturing.We however offer a unique set of products that stand out above the rest.We have a combined experience of over 4 years within the UK E-liquid manufacturing and distribution game. We have something quite special to offer against our competitors.
Our E-liquid
Our E-liquids are made with a lot of attention to flavour accuracy. We pride ourselves on producing quality flavours that taste as they are intended. Hopefully you will agree that our flavour profiles match the taste you get from each vape.

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1x 18MG 100% VG shot for 3MG total dose., No nicotine shot I want pure flavour!


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